Puneeth Rajkumar: Life cut too short

Appu: Puneeth Rajkumar

The Shock: WhatsApp messages started flowing in the wee hours, Puneeth had heart attack, within next 10 or 20 mins it changed to Puneeth is dead, I usually discount such messages as negative since these days every media house is in the rush to release the news first. This happened with Rishi Kapoor, some called him dead, when his family had to come out and say, he was still breathing; this is the shame we as a society have to live with. Within hours reality had hit and worst was confirmed.

My introduction of Puneeth was as a child artist, who looked cute, what child does not, in the song Kaanadanthe Maayavadanu | Chalisuva Modagalu, although our bigger hero at that time was his father Dr. Rajkumar himself.

Later with my own career and exposing myself to Western movies, Kannada movies had taken back seat. When I met a family friend in USA, he asked me if I had heard a song from movie Milana, to which my response was ‘No clue, have not watched Kannada movies in ages‘, almost shaming me he played the song Ninnindale, Ninnindale, I was hooked to that song, became my favorite Kannada song, leaving behind DaRaKu songs. Then came one other song Bombe Helutaithe | Raajakumara, an absolute beauty, epitomizing his legacy amalgamating with his dad’s.

Even though I did not like much of his movies (don’t shoot me please, this is in comparison to his fathers), I had followed him and it was one interview where he said, which stuck me the most. Dr. Rajkumar is a great actor with national recognition, absolutely handsome man of his times, not even Bollywood actors could not match his screen presence, that does not mean he was heartthrob of India because he had declined to act in other languages just to promote Kannada (KFI; Sandalwood was considered be the weakest industry, compared to Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood). His sons, Puneeth and his older siblings Shivrajkumar and Raghvendra Rajkumar, none of them matched the screen presence and charisma of Dr. Raj. Mostly it was Shivrajkumar who took the reins of Kannada screen after his father, who is more handsome than Puneeth himself. With all this background, Puneeth said in the interview, that his fans like him for his father’s legacy and also I am not that a great looking person. But I will work hard in the industry to earn and maintain this love; the people of Karnataka has bestowed upon him.

I had fallen for his humbleness, especially compared to the Khans of Bollywood. It is now that has come to light that he ran

16Old age homes
19Cow shelters
1800 Kids under his care

All of this had no media coverage where Amitabh Bachchan is an absolute Mega star of India who has never done any donations; he is infamously known for it. Aamir Khan does Satyameva Jayate, making windfall profits at the peril of some destitute. Being Human is a big brand, where every Indian wants to adorn the T-shirt Being Human, if only it had some red tire marks across the black shirt. The endless harping of politicians to save cows. Pardon me Puneeth, this comparison of other people in negative light goes against your belief, then again I am not a great man like you.

Finally I want to close my tribute with this, the WhatsApp pundits want to cash in their 15 mins of fame by doing anything and everything in the name of legends. They have posted a article claiming Dr. Devi Shetty (a living icon of India, hope you will familiarize the name), opined the death of Puneeth Rajkumar to his excessive fitness regime. What is shameful is discrediting such a great doctor and also discrediting the demised great human being.

DaRaKu – it is short for Dr Raj Kumar


No Time To Die (2021)

Meaning of James Bond

It was with great excitement that we 7 boys set out to watch this movie with much of the anticipation leaving our family behind. Rotten tomatoes has it 84%, said one, it is a long awaited Bond movie post pandemic beamed other. I had urged people to wear Tuxedo, just in case the movie required our assistance at the end. Then the action starts right where it was left off, Bond is disturbed by his peaceful vacation and kicks some asses of the bad guys, Bond is the only action hero who fights in Tux and then walks into the bar for a Martini shaken not stirred, speaking of Tux, Ana de Armas (Paloma) is the best part in the movie who fights like a ninja with her evening gown, barely covering her chest. With an intense fight sequence never does that gown slip once, take that Janet Jackson; wardrobe malfunction.

From here on the movie goes down hill, other than some exquisite shots of some unique locations, the good guy, bad guy rant continues as to how they are both same as two sides of a coin. Whatever happened to the definition of Bond as defined on top, Craig is carrying his daughter on his waist while he hands the gun to his girlfriend, Léa Seydoux (Madeleine) to fight off the bad guys, I would rather watch Family Man (wonderfully played by Manoj Bajpayee), who is truly a family man playing 007. While Craig is busy saving his family they have introduced a lady 007, Lashana Lynch(Nomi), uggh! they have put all the remaining clothing pieces of the Ana to her, her only mission was to rescue Craig’s family from harm’s way. It was Ana de Armas who showed us how a lady 007 would look like in her short stint, Halle Barry would have carried this role best.

Craig has quit 007 who comes back to the mission one last time before he turns into a family man, I say just quit, when you decide to quit, learn from Jerry Seinfeld, leaving on the high note.

Rami Malek as Safin is a convincing villain but his character is not developed from the beginning.

I really don’t want to spoil the ending for viewers, I want you guys to go thru that pain I endured for 3 hours to catch the ending, really there is no time to die, just sulk. Rest in peace Ian Flemming, you did not have to watch this.

Disclaimer: Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond, it is Pierce Brosnan movie plots I like the best.