This is a list of all good movie/series, so even a 1* is worth your time and 5* is cannot afford to miss it. This rating is per my opinion.

Jalsa(2022) (Netflix)4*

I was bored and flipped the Netflix, stumbled upon Jalsa, starring Vidya Balan, I was like, not yet another social-feminist-Vidya Balan movie. But then again, I had reached the end of the Internet, AGAIN. I would have watched Gangubai had it been available; Alia Bhatt looks and acts the role, even though I have heard the movie has no grit. The pace of the movie is slow but it is not dragged. Every character has it’s place in the movie, mostly female dominating. The movie reminded me of Crash(2004) where peoples lives are intertwined, but nothing like Crash. Finally the movie takes an ending that of Indian emotions as opposed to what I had thought would have a Hollywood ending. Very well made movie, addressing various issues of the society.

Beckett (2021) (Netflix)4*
This is Run Lola Run, John David Washington(Denzel Washington son) style, don’t miss it. I would have never imagined the landscape of Greece a country in Europe.

Unbelievable (Series) (Netflix) 4*
Based of a true story, detective who appears like a desk job mother works tirelessly to convict the culprits.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Netflix) 5*
Watch this movie to understand the value of American Democracy, that we are loosing fast like a quicksand.

Bikram Yogi (Netflix) 1*
The term Guru Western world has adopted from Indian teachers, the likes of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda. Off late all gurus that have emerged from India are con mans. Bikram is no different.

The Serpent (Netflix) 4*
Follows the life of an infamous Charles Shobraj, knew the story in bits and pieces as his life is connected to conning in India. But after watching till the end, felt strongly that the title of this series had to be “The Knippenbergs”

Unhinged (Prime) 4*
You think America has gun problem and the shooters need mental evaluation? The protagonist(Russell Crowe) in this movie has no name.

Episodes (Netflix) 4*
This is a brilliant English comedy, beautifully written script. Matt LeBlanc as Friends celebrity.

Breaking Bad (Netflix) 5*
This is old but it is a classic. High school kids have pursued chemistry after watching this show.

In the Dark (Netflix)2*
A blind girl in the quest to solve a murder mystery of her young friend.

Money Heist (Netflix) 4.5*
This is a popular plot of bank robbery that became a phenomenon around the world.

I care a lot (Netflix) 3*
Starts of like a scary documentary, Rosamund Pike at her best. Then turns into a drama.

Fauda (Netflix) 4*
High intense Israeli Counter Terrorism unit, get to witness the landscape of war torn region.

Queens Gambit (Netflix) 4.5*
A fictional character that introduced chess to otherwise video gamers.